10Bet Casino

10Bet Casino

£1000 Casino Bonus

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10Bet Casino Review

10Bet are well-known although many people will know them for their sports service rather than their casino service. That isn’t to say they haven’t got an impressive casino service though, as just like many bookmakers they have added a casino section to their sports betting website. Here we take a look at what is on offer when it comes to the casino side of things on the 10Bet website.

Welcome Offer

The welcome bonus on offer at 10Bet is a little more complicated than some out there, so it is important to understand the few additional terms you have to abide by so that you don’t miss out. The overall bonus is very good, with up to £1000 available for players and this is split up across your first three deposits like this:

  • 1st deposit – 100% matched deposit bonus up to £100
  • 2nd deposit – 50% matched deposit bonus up to £300
  • 3rd deposit – 25% matched deposit bonus up to £600

The one vital note here for players who take advantage of this offer is that the second and third parts of this bonus are only eligible to deposits made through their mobile service only. This means you can deposit on any device for the first but must follow up on mobile with your second and third deposits.

There is a total of £1000 up for grabs here so of course, this is a big bonus for new players to take advantage of. You will be able to get three separate bonuses across your first three deposits but you must use a mobile device for the second and third.

Regular Offers

Casino’s are realising the importance of regular offers for their customers. These are the offers that players can use after the welcome bonus, and what ensures that you continue to get a good deal from the casino. At the moment, many casinos will offer one or two, while some offer more but over the next few years it would be no surprise to see casinos offering more and more of these.

10Bet are one of the casinos that just offer one regular bonus, although it is one that slot players are going to like. This offer gives slot players the chance to earn free spins on the ‘game of the week’ that 10Bet have chosen. To qualify for the free spins you need to have deposited and played £10 on slots in the last 30 days. After doing this, and by accepting this promotion, you will then be given 5 free spins. To get another 20 free spins, simply deposit £10 or more into your account when getting this promotion, so in total if you make the deposit you will receive 25 free spins for the games of the week.

If there is a slight criticism here it is that the 10Bet casino does not offer any more regular offers for their players. They have a large number of offers for their sports betting players but haven’t yet added this for casino players. Hopefully, this is something they change and increase in the future, as it is a great way for players to take advantage of offers to keep getting a good deal from the casino.


The 10Bet casino website is laid out in a very similar way to their sportsbook website, you can tell they are the same person. This is not a bad thing, as the sports site is very well presented, so is the casino site. The menus and games are clear and easy to see on the dark background of the website, while the menus to get to the games are simple and easy to understand, making this a perfect site for new online casino players. If you are taking your very first steps into online casino gaming then finding an easy to use website is vital for you, and that is exactly what the 10Bet casino website is, they have done a great job in this department.

10Bet have a menu at the top of the page that allows you to quickly visit the game type you wish, for example, slot games, table games, card games and live casino. By selecting which one you want, you are shown games just from that section, allowing you to block everything else out and not get confused by the choice on offer, something that is good for new players.

However, they go even further when it comes to their largest section, which is slot games. Players who love slot games are often split into different types of players, so with this in mind, 10Bet have also split up their slot section. Here you will find individual sections for jackpot slots, new games and recommended games. This should allow each different type of casino player find exactly what they are looking for within a matter of seconds on the 10Bet casino website, allowing you to focus on gaming and not waste time searching the site or getting lost on it while you are selecting what you want to play.

A real positive of the 10Bet service is their website, it is clear, easy to understand and very easy to use, all hugely important factors for new casino players.

Mobile Gaming

Pretty much every form of gambling is gradually edging more and more towards mobile gaming and the 10Bet Casino service recognises that. They have created an app for players to download and keep on their phone which gives you instant access to the casino and all of the games inside. This is a great way to play on the go, and just seconds after taking your phone out of your pocket, you will find yourself enjoying your favourite game.

The mobile app uses similar menus to the main website, so again this is easy to use, good for newcomers and by having both the same, players only need to learn and understand one menu type. If you can find the game you want on their website, you should have no problems finding it on their app.

The 10Bet casino welcome bonus includes two further bonuses that are only available through the app, so it is worth downloading because of that. However, with that in mind, there is also a good chance that in the future they may create further offers for existing customers that are only available via the app, so it is worth keeping an eye on this. Having the app may mean you don’t miss out on anything, as well as giving you a way to play games on the go.

Game Selection

When you head to the ‘all games’ category of the 10Bet website, you will see over 600 games listed. This is a huge amount, and enough variation to keep everyone happy. They have a large range of slot games with some jackpot games included in those, as well as table games, card games and a great live casino section where live dealers are waiting to play along with you.

With the majority of games on this website being slot games, this is a great site for slot players who want to experience different games and change things up, which many do. Here you can play on a game, quickly change to another and then move onto others if you wish, all without playing on the same game twice. It will take a long time for you to play all of the games in this casino, there is so many to choose from.

The last thing worth mentioning here is that when you are looking through the game list, there is a section specifically for new games, which is great for more experienced players. Here you can see the games that have just arrived on the website, hot new titles you won’t have seen before and your chance to play the very latest slot games when they become available.

Our Verdict

10Bet as a company may be more known for their sports betting service but there is no doubt that they have nailed their casino service too. Starting off with a welcome bonus that has the potential to be a huge one, spread over three deposits and moving onto their games, there is a lot to like about this casino.

There are two positives when it comes to games. The first is how many there is, this is a really strong collection of games and the second is how well they are presented to you. With individual game types shown together and the menu section that shows just new games, you will be able to browse through exactly what you want on their website, and not have to work your way through games you are not interested in.

They have an excellent mobile app to take gaming on the go and while it would be nice to see more regular offers for existing players, they do have them and this is something that will hopefully increase in the future.

Overall there is a lot to like here, this is a great casino to play in for both new and experienced casino players.